In HB it's just called "the contest"

I have lived in and around Huntington Beach since 1961.

So I was not surprised when the scaffolding started going up

and the beach south of the pier started looking like

the Disneyland beach adventure.

In HB it's just called "the contest"

Which works out cause the name has changed so many times you

could spend weeks researching all of the names and their

actual significance on the pro rankings.

I was there for the contest after the oil spill in the 60's

The contest where the contestants were forced to wear helmets

and both times there were riots.

It's still a great place to bring the kids

The event is a favorite of both contest organizers, sponsors and city councilmen for the huge tourist draw which is estimated to be 500,000 this year.

Unfortunately, mid summer is not the best time for surf along the famous HB beaches.

You are just as likely to get flatness as an over head walled up south swell better surfed somewhere else.

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To get days like this you have to be here in the fall and winter months.

But all that said, the people watching is world class

If the weather is nice and you can find a parking spot it's a nice way to spend the day.


pranaglider said…
Adam Wright just sent out a Tropical Update email about TS Dolores.

Could be good!

Keep your fingers crossed

verification word is "ceezu"

"says you"? hmmm bad omen

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