considering the alternatives

a serendipitous go out this morning

I was chasing down Kaser, who had allowed me to stash my board in

his van so I could ride my mat and have more fun.

But that was two weeks ago and K1's patience was wearing thin

I kept getting emails with a running total of the "board storage" charges

I knew the end was near when his final email stated

"I'll be down at HQ at first light, I'll stash your board in the bushes"

So I'm there but no Kaser

I end up finding him at a spot I haven't surfed in years

So I spent the morning tube dodging and getting run over by the local surf school.

Not a bad way to spend my birthday

considering the alternatives


6ftnperfect said…
happy birthday kiddo

nice shots he got of you...
Surfsister said…
Happy Birthday, B!!! When I grow up, I want to ride a mat like you do!! You've got mad style, my friend!
Oh happy belated birthday!! I enjoy reading your blog and it's nice to see the positive effect you have on people.
pranaglider said…
thanks everyone for your bday wishes!

JW I hope you appreciate I didn't use the "O" word once!

Geriatric came to mind several times, but I fought the urge...
Unknown said…
get your story straight young man..

the email went-

i'll be at ***** early, if it's not outa the van by the time i'm done with my session, you'll find it in the bushes.

where shall i send the storage fee invoice?


pranaglider said…
Dude, I paid you!
Next time I'll know to demand a notarized receipt!

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