Big surf last weekend!

I missed it

I really missed it

But I knew I would and I had a great time in SD

My son got to meet the creators of one of his favorite animated shows

My wife and I found a GREAT bakery / coffee shop in PL.

Even though I didn't catch up with Andy, Tom and the gang I did get to check out a new surf spot

Super secret spot called "Stay Backs"

I believe that its derivative from an local Indian name.

So anyway no "huge death pits" story from me

I did, however, manage to scrap off the top of one of my toe knuckles.

An using the fins yesterday has made it worse so I will have to resort to stand up surfing for a couple of days.

(no paddle, just, you know, standing up)

Yep that's all I got...

So I hope you all scored and lived to tell and re tell the tale around the camp fire.


jhall said…
board storage fees kick in at 12am.

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