At least today is a mountain stage

resurfaced the mat yesterday.

It had needed it for a while but I kept putting it off

If you are unaware of how this works the nylon mat comes with a coating
of a bit of chemistry called Vulkem which provides the same function as wax on a surfboard.

But this wax job lasts six months

maybe more if you don't surf sandy beach breaks

any way it was time and I reapplied the stuff

and now I am waiting for it to dry

it take a couple of days

depending on the weather

So as I sit here waiting for paint to dry, so to speak

I can't think of anything except how much I want or need to get back in the water

on my mat.

But since I can't I have made a list of things to do

Call the California department of EDD to discuss what's up with my claim

Make some more bread
(the last batch was particularly good we used the last of it as garlic bread to go with the spaghetti)

Write something good
(doubtful I know)

"Network" with my "contacts" about an "opportunity"
(call people I don't know about giving me a job that doesn't exist)

Return books to the library
(Due today!)

While I sort through this cornucopia of choices why don't you sample a few links

Ku Yah! - a nice bit of work this morning

Whales might be as much like people as apes are - “If an alien came down anytime prior to about 1.5 million years ago to communicate with the ‘brainiest’ animals on Earth, they would have tripped over our own ancestors and headed straight for the oceans to converse with the dolphins”

At least today is a mountain stage


pranaglider said…
have I mentioned how much I dislike the blue / lime green fin color of the duckfeet? If anyone has a pair of blk / blu (XL only) ones and wants to trade please let me know. If not I may have to go all drawy on them.
R4TH said…
have you ocean tested the new 4th gear flyer bruisers? no resurfacing needed on the canvas top...the green of the duckfeet is pretty marvel comics i least you'll always know where they are.
pranaglider said…
R4TH - not yet, I know a couple of guys that have them just haven't traded mats for a few waves yet. The Vulkem is super traction, you don't get blasted off when things get hairy. I think it's like the wax vs trac top debate both work it's more a subjective, personal preference deal.

"Marvel comics green", that's a great description. I just don't like the shade of green they paired with the blue. Better than the orange...
mackie said…

how old is your new bruiser?

how old is your neumatic?

get back to us in three years with a full report
R4TH said…
mackie-drop me a line in three years to remind me to get back to you in three years.
pranaglider said…
Just to throw in my 2 cents.

The top is just user preference.

Not unimportant but subjective.

The bottom layer is what makes a good fast mat in my opinion.

Not where the rubber meets the road but where the captured air layer meets the water.

The more supple the better.

That's what makes the mat a unique and beautiful surf craft.
R4TH said…
true-different strokes for different folks.

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