The wind finally quit

or I should say backed down enough for me to sneak down to the beach and get in a quick surf as the hordes of memorial weekend beach goes began their assault on the shore.

I can't give you a full report on the mini mat as the surf conditions were, shall we say sub optimal.

So with that rambling pre amble

the surf was 1-2 with the occasional lonesome 3 footers sneaking in.

I surfed a couple of handfuls of waves and really like the mini mat.

The decrease in size means you don't have to move around much to be just in the right spot.

The mat had plenty of air to catch waves but was easier to duck dive. I was riding it with more air that I ride either the Fatty or the Standard 4thGF.

While I need some more time on the mat I am looking at this as a perfect mat to ride when the summer south swells require late take offs but offer critical tubes as a reward for making the drop.


Brine Time said…
but the wind cries, "Mary"
crispy cool pre-winter offshore here my glider
pranaglider said…
Any way you could bottle up some of that offshore wind and send it up here?
Brine Time said…
Done. Might take a few days to get there.
Then again if my offshore keeps blowing towards your shore it will be onshore.
Back to the drawing board.
(Or keyboard)

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