Big Ole Mat Meet Canceled

Yes the mat meet that really never was has been cancelled

" Forecast for Friday is showing that there will be some rideable waves in a few S wind protected spots, but overall it isn’t looking like it will be all that exciting surfwise......."
Surf forecast courtesy of Solsurf

I really didn't mean to give the impression that there was a Big Ole Mat Meet scheduled for this weekend anyways.

Two things came together to create the "perfect storm" of misconception.

The first thing is I write this and other assorted bits of drivel first thing in the morning. Everyday. I often don't bother to have my mind fully engaged before sitting down and banging away at the keyboard. Everything you see here is a rough draft, words misspelled, participles dangling, past present and future tenses fighting it out to make some sense (drives SurfSister crazy). And don't even start about punctuation.

That just how I do it.

The posts are so fresh the bits and bites are still wet.

Please don't touch the page!  You may have random 1 and 0 stains on your fingers for the rest of the morning.

The other thing, what was the other thing? Oh yes, I have given up my morning coffee (for like the millionth time) so reality is sort of soft and spongy as I write this. Especially around the edges. Not all that unpleasant really and certainly nothing like the diving bats Hunter S. Thompson had to deal with.

I'm lucky like that.

So here is the deal.

There will be a Big Ole Mat Meet in the future (for one thing I just found out that Paul Diamond has a cache of  70's 4th GF's) but we need to wait for decent weather and some good surf.

I will let you know

In the mean time enjoy your weekend.


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