Let's do it again like we did last summer

Maybe my favorite mat photo ever. 
Thanks Jason! 
That's me with a serious case of sway back as I over inflate my mat and  worry about getting through the shore break. 
JJ is already charging.

Since we have established that we will be "Partying like the Mayans" this summer

I see no reason not to have a mat meet or two (or more) to go along with the festivities

So we need to start organizing
You don't just show up at the beach and surf your brains out
Well actually, yes, that's just what you do 
but still we need certain nodal points to be established on the event horizon
certain mass communications to take place

Charlie Sheen (or his spirit at least) must be located and notified,  as per his contract

We are early in the process but don't let that stop you from putting on your respective thinking caps

and thinking about how YOU are going to put on YOUR local gathering.

Photo by Ken Samuels

One of the great things about a meet is all the surf craft you get to check out.

I see no reason not to encourage all Alt Surf Craft riders to show up and bring their goodies! 


Unknown said…
LOVE IT!!!!!
Over here that would be the end of the day but the light suggests it's your dawn patrol?
Either way - evocative to the max
big thanks
pranaglider said…
SurfSister - Indeed it must be done!

Briney - Yes dawn patrol it's the maybe glassy maybe off shore time. Magic indeed
Unknown said…

Mat Meet Maui!

Freight Trains!

Free camping on the beach!
Unknown said…
Love those photos!

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