"In the ocean or in a glass cool clear water is such a gas"

One of the reasons I like the mat is that you are in the water much more.

There is a sensuality to being totally immersed in water that just makes everything better

A lot more of the body surf or hand plane feeling to it.

And that's a good feeling to know

Still working on the core ideals for the mat meets

Basically I'd like everyone that really surfs to take back the activity / lifestyle / art from the big gigantic corporations that are using it to sell t-shirts to kids from the Midwest

(For the record I have nothing against kids, t-shirts or the Midwest)

How that will work exactly I don't know

Occupy the Beach?

I'm sure it's been done

What I have so far is multiple gatherings of friends and friendly strangers to meet at the beach and share in the surfing experience.


pranaglider said…
Some people try to avoid their "inner child" I got mine a surf mat and fins
Growling Gecko said…
I think a method of combatting the modern notion of surfing that those "companies" promote is to encourage as many people as possible to share each wave together removing the competitive I own the wave mentality that is now so pervasive!

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