Gray Matter

As I sit here in the drizzle coming from the deep marine layer of a "Gray May" weather pattern in full effect there are two things to do

First there is a great story on mat master JJ over on Surfmatters, if not already you should surf on over there and check it out

JJ swooping into the inside on another mat of his own construction. 

The second is to contemplate the hydrodynamic lift requirements and the effect of rocker and rail shape on planing devises of the Paipo nature 

but perhaps I'm just over thinking it.


Robin Thomson said…
JJ is a craftsman that is for sure!
pranaglider said…
JJ is that rare combination of craftsman and thinking man that you don't often see these days. The title of the post "Grey Matter" is a tip of the hat to his "nom de web" Thinkmat.

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