It's Wednesday! It really is!! but now with more Cowbell!!!

Lots going on this morning so off we go

You remember Lloyd's latest book Tiny Homes?
Well they have done gone and made that puppy an ebook.
Bits and Bytes all living together under one tiny little hyper linked roof!
You can read it on your iPad or iPhone and there is a free 38 pages for you to check out.

Go to the iStore here

Next up Ramsnake has done a nice write up on Warren Pfieffer this morning. He is involved in another surf and music performance piece with Richard Tognetti. Check this out on the Magic Carpet here. Good stuff!

On the swell front, Adam Wright is forecasting a new swell on Solspot. (hint it's not from the northwest)

Totally Commerch -

I got the latest issue of Surfer in the mail yesterday. It had, much to my surprise, wedged in there between the two page full color pictures of things you must have for this season but are totally unrelated to surfing, there were a few interesting articles! I still can't believe it.  (I actually stopped typing for a minute and went down the hall to check and make sure it wasn't some sort of dream sequence) so check that out the Tutor interview and the piece on MP / Michael Peterson. (I kept wondering how many of the 17-23 year old core ER demographic knew who MP was but the editor seems to have a handle on the fact that "no one actually reads surf magazines") It's all good!

And last but by no means least, SurfSister has a new wetsuit!

Quite similar to James Brown's V Neck but with much more cowbell!


Surfsister said…
My god!! This wetsuit is making the rounds!! I thought it was a funny sight, but didn't know everyone else would take notice like they did!

Baby blue, yellow and pink are the new black. You can quote me.

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