They're Here!

The food of the gods, also known as Sun Gold tomatoes are making their summer appearance in the garden.

Pretty stoked about that.

Spring is coming on strong now.

As I sit in the pre-dawn darkness the birds, acknowledging their own internal thermostats, awaken and begin singing as they start the day hunting for insects.

It starts off slowly and like an orchestra tuning up before the performance, the tweeting and chirping grows louder and louder until reaching it's crescendo just after sun up.

Good Times.

I understand the surf has been good too.

But more about that later


El Serracho! said…
RIght up at the top of this post, to the right, your blog says "Share it" - i'll be waiting for my tomatoes.
pranaglider said…
El Serracho, May I call you El? I definitely have tomatoes with your name on it. But you may want to duck.

P Glider
Brine Time said…
the stuff of legendary mex dishes
PS our birds do much the same apart from the kookaburra's insane laughing cackle
Robin Thomson said…
I always thought that the Fruit of the Gods were Mangos! Clearly, I stand corrected!

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