Virtual Hand Plane Hoedown

One of the reasons I wanted to go to the Hand Plane Hoe Down was to see all the interesting craft.

Blake has been making his own hand planes and because he wasn't able to make the Hoe Down he had emailed me and asked me to bring down some of his craft to share and get feedback on. 

Some sweet concave in this bamboo one

It turn's out that neither of us could make the event but he had some pictures
 so here is the
 23B Virtual Hand Plane Hoedown!

Blake, who also rides a mat, had been riding trays and after breaking the last one began looking for something else to make planes out of that would stand up to the local beach break. These two examples started out as cutting boards.

So follow Blake's example.  Look around the house, don't worry everything works. Some better than others, true. But each experiment is a lesson in building your own surf craft. 

What could be better than that!

*All photos by Blake, thanks for sharing


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