unicorns and rainbows

This is the time of year when the summer surf season lays ahead of us here in the US.

The summer surf can be terrific. 

South swells from off the Antarctic or hurricanes swells off of Mexico

Hot daytime temperatures and warm balmy nights.

The garden producing more fresh fruits and veggies than I can eat.

Bar-be-ques to fire up, fireworks to set off and the occasional cold beer to consume.

The season can also be cold foggy and with south winds that bump up any swell and make a day at the beach seem like a winter day complete with gray sky's and drizzle.

But yesterday it was in the low 80’s.

After the late night and early morning low clouds burned off it was hot and the sky was blue.

Things are all unicorns and rainbows.

The Memorial Day weekend is coming up and even the water is starting to warm up!

I got an email from Paul and my new mat is due today and I can’t be more stoked.

There is even a jump forecast in the NW swell on Saturday.



Growling Gecko said…
Looking forward to a detailed and thorough review of the minimax's features, performance and level of stoke!

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