avo's ! ?

I have always wanted an avocado tree or more to the point I want to go out in the back and pick avos on demand.

So after the initial plant purchase and shovel work there has been just a few years of watering and waiting.

Finally we are getting avos.  The first crop was one, there are 4 or 5 on the tree now. I'm hoping the next go round continues in this fashion.

They taste great and have a thick rough skin like a Haas variety.

The only thing is the all have a long neck like the one I'm holding above.

It looks like a squash to me.


Piskian said…
Hope yours don't resemble these.You know what avocado means in Mayan,eh?!Look delicious though.Envy your climate for growing.
pranaglider said…
Pisky - There is a distant resemblance.
Growling Gecko said…
Fantastic mate. well worth the wait!

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