Pink Cadillac

Sorry about the rant yesterday

Well not really a rant

maybe a rant-lite

If I was going to rant
it would be more like

“your surfing experience is being hijacked from you then repackaged and sold back to you at a premium”.

Real waves for real people!

Get a mat!

But it's a Friday,

and there's things to do this weekend



Lots to do in SoCal this weekend

More details in my "It must be springtime" post from last week

but Almond’s having a hooty’nanny on Friday

(The Urban Dictionary defines a hooty’nanny as a regular shindig only with a ‘hole lotta hoot and just a little bit of nanny.' Think I’m making this stuff up? Check it out here)

but I digress from the whole “things to do” theme of todays post

Graham at Shelter Surf Shop will be having

an event

(I do not know the mix of hoot nor nanny
at the event,
so I will refrain,
from characterizing it,
as having said properties,
at this time senator.)

But Graham''s parties are always good and you can roam forth street and find interesting things to do and places to eat so its always fun, not to mention the stellar collection of surf boards Graham always has in stock.
This just in from Graham's Facebook post
"14 cases of Primo for Saturday night's shindig at shelter"
Which confirms that the shelter event
will indeed be a shindig

I was driving yesterday and heard a version of this song
at the time
I thought
“this is the greatest song of all time!”
Perhaps a little too much coffee that day...
But that said it’s not a bad song either

Have a nice weekend and I’ll see back here next week!

Cadillac Ranch


pranaglider said…
I can't stop watching the tube video over at surfmatters!

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