Is it Spring yet?

I have been sitting around debating the virtues of different kinds of tomatoes.  Which ones to plant this year.  The always important when to plant decision.  Surfing in between the rains. Trying to avoid the runoff.

Just waiting for the shift between predominantly Northern Hemisphere activity and the more "south facing beach" friendly Southern Hemi action.

 I received this Sean Davey shot from the fine folks at Surfers Path this morning.  Kind of sums up winter in one, OMG! Waimea moment.  Really intense in Blk and Wht. Great shot by Mr. Davey and thanks to the Path for sending it over.

I'm happy that there was a good winter but I'm looking forward to summer and warm water.

Nice bit of work on Andrew Smith's blog Born to Lose.  Check it out in case you missed it. Fish always make me think of summer.

Patagonia Cardiff has some of Dales mats in store and there are been a discussion on mating on their Facebook page.  Here is a link  You may have to be a Facebook "friend" of patty-cardy to see it but that is easily arranged.

My especially hearty congratulations goes out to everyone involved with "The Cove".  Check out their website for all the info and the opportunity to purchase the Oscar winning movie or sound track


pranaglider said…
Love the dolphins, great film but every time i see that shot it reminds me of a bottle opener..
Gwyllm said…
Why are you hotlinking images from my site?

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