Just another day at the beach

Imagine you were out for a day at the shore.
A family trip to the beach,
because you never went anywhere without your family.
When suddenly you were abducted and put into a lifeless cement cage.
Never to see your family again and
with several of your senses you use forever blocked
by the bland monotonous cage you were kept in.

That's pretty much what happens to captured orcas

An orca can travel easily 100 nautical miles every day, and to put them in a pool where they swim around in circles continually, and kept away from their families, "takes a toll on their brains," said Jim Borrowman, who has worked with whales for 30 years and runs Stubbs Island Whale Watching on Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

"The SeaWorld system is the best of all seaquaria in the world, but if I was an orca, that would be the last place I'd want to live," said Dr. Jeffrey Ventre. "They are in what is essentially an acoustically dead cement pond, compared to the vibrancy of the ocean."

I love to see the whales at Sea World but it's inappropriate and cruel to keep them in pools. After these whales are captured and domesticated they have lost their healthy fear of humans and have been separated from the family unit they would otherwise spend most of their life with.  To reintroduce a captive whale to the open ocean would prove fatal. They need to be returned to live out their days in "sea pens" where, while not totally free, they can at least feel the tide and hear the many songs of the sea.  The least we can do

For more information see the links below

CNN story

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals 

If you would like to see whales in the wild or learn more about Orca's

Stubbs Island Whale Watching

Monterey Bay Whale Watch


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