St. Patrick's Day

So it pre dawn and I am cranking out another 23B

Since is St. Patricks Day
(and I have nothing in mind,
sadly my usual condition)
I'm thinking a little of this
a couple of these

and I'm done,
back on the couch 
and I'm watching Sponge Bob in no time

You see friends,
I suffer from the if-Bruce-Brown-didn't-go-there-then-there-must-not-be-surf syndrome.

I know, I know there have been articles in the mags 
surfers with vaguely old country names 
visiting some cold water clime to showcase the new hooded 5-4 mil wetsuits from their sponsors.

But two things
First, I don't read the mags anymore
(well I do check'em at the grocery store when I am supposed to be pushing the cart for my wife
but that's only when she is perusing the meat isle 
(I just can't look at that stuff anymore)) and
Second, everyone knows that all the pictures in the mags now a days were taken by one photog in the 80's and have been endlessly manipulated and artfully photo-shopped ever since
all of it! 
yes it's true
it keeps costs down to a manageable level
and that's good for business
(I kid, er and ing)

So I really didn't think much about surf in Ireland

But then I started looking for suitable Google Images to go with this piece

It turns out combining the North Atlantic storms with a feature rich coastline makes for slab city!

Although I prefer this little beauty

So two things to take away,

surf in the North Atlantic Rim (yes indeed!)



But you already knew that.


6ftnperfect said…
I like the way the trail that guy leaves looks like a shark bite - and it does look to be sharky spot. That's why I don't surf there. That and the hooded 5/4/
6ftnperfect said…
oh yeah, and happy St. Pats

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