Surfboards are beautiful hydrophilic (water loving) sculptures that their owners can take off the wall and use in daily life

An odd specialty in the arts

But an art it is

Here are some examples,

Steve Pedoflex rubber ducky (found this at Josh Hall's website)
Mr. Hall is a fine shaper in his own right BTW.
More of Steve's fine work at his Pendoflex website

What fun! To say a board is "fun" is some how frowned upon. Which I believe is the stupidest thing I have ever heard.  If all I did was standup I would be ordering one of these for a black ball beater for the summer!!

Jamie Murray boards are great! If you haven't seen his shapes before, check out this soon-to-be Bonzer.

Yet another shaper I would be ordering from even if I had to travel NOTB.

Spend some time at his Head High and Glassy blog. Well worth the time to get some perspective on real surfers riding real boards in real waves.

Greg Liddle has been polishing his hull shapes so long it seems like forever.

After all this time they are perfect.

I check out Kirk Putnam's KP's Round up regularly to see what's the latest and for interesting bits of Americana.

At left (or above depending on where blogger decides to put my photos today)
is the "Burrito Deluxe with Hullapinos".  Now tell me you don't want to grab this, wax it up and take it out for a few quick waves.


pranaglider said…
I should have included BrownFishes hand planes in this grouping. But the weird little errors that blogger keeps including are temporarily at bay. So click on the link to handplane goodness
HeadHighGlassy said…
Gracias, Prana. Just to be included on such a list gives me a case of the chubs.
pranaglider said…
You have range and you shape real boards for real people to ride on real waves.

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