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Since 23B is an international phenomenon many of you are no doubt interested in our take on the recent tsunami.

Since the “ring of fire” creates many of these natural disasters we are well practiced in the appropriate response to tsunami warnings.

As soon as the beaches we were officially closed we all ran down to take a look

I brought along the handi cam to record the following events for posterity.

No one likes the perv that wears the bun huggers so we put him up on a hill with binoculars to look for waves.

When the call came down,
everyone started dancing in a circle,
which you should know is the
NOAA recommended safety protocol for a tsunami warning

Whilst dancing, everyone remained calm
(well except for some unexplained craziness around 2:23)
and listened to the calm explanation of tsunami factoids
by a man who would spend several seasons
living on an uncharted desert isle

Our dancing conjured up the ghost of one Miklos Dora
(around 2:40, orange trunks with white waste band)
which I took as a very positive sign

At the end of the clip (2:50)
everyone decided to charge it!

Sadly no pictures of me as I was busy, both holding the camera and blowing up my mat.


Satire and farce aside the destruction from the 8.8 earthquake in Chile is massive!

Go to Save the Waves Coalition if you would like to make a donation to assist in the relief efforts.

Photos from Chile Surf Adventures


pranaglider said…
From the 1964 film "For Those Who Think Young". This stuff cracks me up!

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