Who let the fog out?

Well now we have gone an done it
Coordinated human actions have changed the weather patterns in California

During the Academy Awards show a few nights ago, many of us ran to the refrigerator in perfect commercial break synchronization. The huge amounts of cold air escaping from all those units at precisely the same time has mixed with the relatively warm air from the California offshore current zone (cocz) and has created a dense fog bank off the coast.

This has curtailed the current El Nino pattern and moved us back to a fall pattern with a windy and occasionally offshore focus.

Widely scattered reports of people crashing they cars as they speed to local markets to buy Thanksgiving turkeys are unconfirmed.  (I did see someone walk right into a building yesterday though)

Personally, I have a new mat to try out.
I just want the wind, swell, and runoff conditions to clean up enough for a few quick go outs.

No film at eleven.


Jamie said…
do tell. how's your new bubble?
pranaglider said…
I'm excited about it but conditions seem to be stuck on bad windy, rainy with nasty runoff and weird. I'm hoping things clean up soon.
Jamie said…
might I ask what kinda new toy you got?
pranaglider said…
Jamie, I got a Fatty from Paul. I have only ridden it once. The conditions have been funky! I got skunked again today :(

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