No Snapper just Spangled Perch

They are running a surfing contest at Snapper Rocks

Looks like a ridiculously good place for a surf.  But, (don't tell the mags) I am kind of over the whole contest thing.  You know three turns to the beach, sell some tee shirts, hold the contest surf or not and with the finals always in blown-out afternoon slop, somebody (usually not the surfers) takes home a bag of cash.  So I am not (other than this very fine lineup shot) going to comment.  (Well I guess I just did, but hey, I'm paying myself by the word so...)

Instead here is something quite a bit more unique and more relevant to your Thursday.

"For residents of a small Australian town, their usually mundane conversations about the weather have just become a whole lot more interesting.
That's because in the outback town of Lajamanu it's started raining fish. Yes, fish. Hundreds of them, falling from the sky.
Over the past two days the town's 660 residents have been bombarded with small white fish which have been falling like rain.
Locals say the fish, mostly spangled perch, have even been alive as they hit the floor. Lucky it wasn't crocodiles then.
Meteorologists believe the fish where sucked up by a tornado - which passed over a river some 300 miles away - before being carried through the sky at 40,000 to 50,000 feet.

They then fell like rain on Lajamanu, 400 miles south of Darwin in Australia's Northern Territory, prompting residents to run around throwing them into buckets.
Amazingly it is not the first time the tiny town has seen the freakish 'weather' - this is said to be the third time in recent memory, the previous batterings (sorry) of fish came in 1974 and 2004."

Now isn't that more interesting than the "winners" and "losers", stats and standings?


pranaglider said…
Sorry if I'm a little cranky this morning. I have been looking at other "more successful" surf blogs and they just seem to vomit the same commercial crap as ER and ING. Whats the point? For a real contest story check out Drew Kampion's "The Day They Walked on the Moon" Surfer Mag Vol. 10 No. 5 November 1969. That's the good stuff.
Tom Threinen said…
Pranaglider, I'm hooked on surf blogs like yours. They create a close-knit community of real surfers and everyday real waves. Thanks.

Tom T.
pranaglider said…
Tom, You hit the nail on the head.
Real surfers on real waves.

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