Goin' up the country

Regarding yesterdays surf trip

A combo of great, beautiful and  epic

Imagine the most fun you have ever had surfing

then put the fun in an idyllic pastoral setting.

Make the sky extra blue, the hills extra green and the water extra cold

Now you got it.

In yesterdays post I mentioned my general rule about about a two drink max even though yesterdays song selection lyrics explicitly stated that I was going "where the water tastes like wine".

While this is a good point

I think Canned Heat said it best,

"jump in the water and stay drunk all the time"

Canned Heat - Going Up The Country -

I take the position that this doesn't violate the "two drink" rule
because there is only one jump
and of course there would be no driving...
that's what the bus is for

In other news
(or maybe its the same news just continued on)

I will be at the Celestial Synapse Celebration on Saturday
in honor of the Vernal (Spring) Equinox.

The Rincon Invitational is this weekend,
Graham and the Shelter Surf Shop is sending a team.
They are going to have such a blast!
Next year I'm going

Have a nice weekend


KL said…
Canned heat and the dead?! Gonna have to start stopping by more often!
pranaglider said…
Yeah, looking back at the last week or so, it looks like I have a bad case of spring fever. Come back any time! Enjoy your work BTW

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