What's black and blue

and surfed all over?

My 2010 quiver *

small, yet deep enough

Everything still fits in a day pack

*I do reserve all rights to make adjustments, most notably additions, at any time.

I am thinking about a pair of these for body surfing


LESider said…
what are the blue things you want to add? curious and confused.
pranaglider said…
LESider, they are "swim paddles" it gives you something to plane on when you body surf. Check 'em out, http://www.swimoutlet.com/Swim_Paddles_Gloves_s/331.htm

Okemah, you've seen my feet so it was a logical guess!
wavechild said…
Hey man, how do you like the 4GFs compared with your Neumatic? Is that the 'standard' model? I have a 'classic' and now a Neumatic, and the Neumatic is way more responsive, but I'm curious about the standard model 4gf.
pranaglider said…
WaveChild - Still too early to make comparisons. My 45thGF is a Fatty model. I like the canvas top! It's a different mat than my Neu but I am getting good waves on it. It holds more air than my Neu with similar hight and width. This leaves the always interesting air volume or "variable inflation" factor. I plan on executing a full testing protocol during the summer south swells. I do like to ride something different now and again.
wavechild said…
Cool, Prana. Please do give us a surf report once you get more time on it.

Legalize it!

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