Rotten Eddy

Nothing to do but put out the trash cans, surf the Internets and make some bread.

Which is to say that another eddy has spun up and will blow the surf to junk for the next few days

and it's trash day

So for your dining and dancing pleasure I submit these links for your approval,

First off Kaser over at Daily Bread has given us a daily dose of visual stoke for ages is hooking up with Eppic Surf to allow you to buy prints of his photos.

The stuff he took of the Wedge the other day was fantastic

Check it out here

An anonymous source (or a little birdy, your choice) advised me that there is a blog dedicated to photos of David Nuuhiwa. I grew up in Huntington and got to see him surf there a lot so I'm happy to see something like this set up.

Photo from

Ok, now who will start one of these for Jock Sutherland?

Surfbird is a new to me blog with a minimalist layout and TONS of great pictures. Something you will want to bookmark and check regularly.

In the tons of pictures category is Bodysurf an Australian website dedicated to body surfing photos from various artists. This may be the site that makes me upgrade my Internet access from modem to cable.

Photo from

That all for today, the dough has risen and I knead to go deal with it.


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