Nice Waves

Nice waves the last couple of days

South swell, shoulder high, occasionally overhead


I mention it now as the wind is on it and with the weather we are expecting over the next couple of days that probably the end of it.

Nice while it lasted though

For reasons totally unknown to me I rode my fish for the last couple of days

I had fun on it

When I say fish I mean something on the lines of this

Not me or my board, but the one I am riding currently is a descendant in terms of the fins and outline. A little less rocker in the nose.

I was at the AB3 gathering a week ago and there are quite a few variations of fish these days.

Shot from the AB3 site of boards at the Alley Fish Fry

Always good to see variation and innovation in design.

I rode my mat most of the time (rode the yellow hand plane for a while).

Which in retrospect, was probably a mistake with so many great boards to try

But I did meet up with a couple other mat riders so it all equals out

Here is my totally incomplete review.

I liked the Pendo Flex fish by Steve Pendarvis.

I think Mr. Pendarvis just brought his personal quiver down and let people try what they wanted. You don't see too many shapers bringing their regular riders down to let strangers have a go. I really wanted to talk to him and have him explain his theories. I get the feeling it would have been worth the time spent out of the water.

Of the Ice9 boards, I believe someone mentioned that the sweet looking single fin was Terry Martin's Scared Craft "shape one like Diff" board. There is an opportunity that doesn't come around often. A master shapers take on another master shapers boards.

Another entry in the personal quiver group was Andy Smith bringing his Lis' and Frye's down to let strangers try. THAT made me nervous (I would have had armed guards).

TFAD, on the erBB asked if having a competition as part of the event was good or bad.

Here is the link to the question and discussion.

I for one appreciate the free blanks that ice9 donated as prizes to the winning shapers.

But does Stewart or Martin need another blank?

Neither one won anything so we'll never know.

So while I don't care if there are awards you may need to divide it up between amateurs and professionals.

Which opens up another can o worms.

Here are the AB3 award winners.


Beetlejuice said…
I rode the Stewart 5 Fin S-Wing.It was positive and fast.Also took the T. martin Simmons 9.0 out for a go,nothing special in my opinion. It was fun day.

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