Bad Haiku Friday


I would like to share with you a response to one of my posts.

In the post, I linked to some essays on the authors site.

Always after a good read, that me!

The reader had this comment.

August said...
"The best books are lived, not written"

APRIL 9, 2009 9:57 AM

It was such a good quote I assumed it was famous and tried to look it up on the Internet to find the source.

Missing the point entirely, obviously

I usually have pretty good luck finding things using Google.

I didn't find anything so I am crediting it directly to August.
(Great one August)

The closest thing to it was a twitter,

"The best books are never published.
In fact they are never written.
The best books are lived by amazingly ordinary people.
No title needed."

The same thought with a few more words. Beautiful

What an interesting thought to contemplate for a few minutes!

We each have our own lives to live.

it's happening right now

So THIS is your life

reading this random blog entry


If I had known, I would have tried harder to make it better;)

Is it everything you thought it would be?

I would you suggest you get up and go outside

It's sprinkling here

a sunny day in Seattle!

Enjoy the weekend

(sorry I snuck that in there on you, but it's Bad Haiku Friday and we are at the end)


To all my Christian friends, Happy Easter.

To the rest of you try to limit your intake of chocolate eggs.


pranaglider said…
Still missing the point.

I stayed inside , ignoring an email that said the surf might not be blown out, to write this post.
jhall said…
I think its cute when you wink at me in your posts ;/

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