Links Wednesday!

Checked the surf this morning and against all odds it wasn't too bad!

The dominant swell seems to have changed direction and the winds were light.

I thought I would pass along a few links today

This is my go to link for the mornings weather

NOAA Hourly Weather Forecast

This one is specific to my local area so you may need to configure the link for your area and the info you need.

I usually have some idea what the swell is doing.

I intentionally don't look that up before I leave the house so I have a surprise when I get to the beach.

Here is a new find for me you may already be familiar with the author

Joe Bageant

He apparently only has one book out "Deer Hunting with Jesus" but there are dozens of essays you can read on his website.

If you had to label him, I would say "cultural anthropologist" but I think the Mother Jones quote does a better summary.

"Bageant writes with the ghosts of Hunter S. Thompson, Will Rogers, and Frank Zappa kibitzing over his shoulder"

Enjoy the read!

On a personal note, it has warmed up a bit outside and I need to go work in the garden.

Those seeds aren't going to plant themselves!


pranaglider said…
Let me know what you think of the links!
August said…
"The best books are lived, not written"

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