New mats available

Once again for a limited time!

Some of you may know that I have been working on my own customized mat.

I am happy to report that many years of painsteaking R&D is over and I am happy to offer my mat to the mattifferous public.

This particular model comes in any color you like as long as it's black so I have decide to call the this first of many models the


Pricing is flexible at this time but will run in the 1 to 2 thousand dollar range.
(hey these puppies are petroleum products bub!)

Please send your checks and money orders to

Please enjoy the comments from last years mat-a-ganza

23 Breaths said...
the first run of 250 mats has completely sold out! A new run will be available as soon as I get back from the grocery store.

Thank you


Anonymous said...
I got my new mat in the mail today.
Thanks for the quick turn around!

I really like the mat everything about it seems fun. It even has the words GLAD embosed all over it.

I do keep losing air as the twist tie on the back keep coming un done. Can you help me?

23 Breaths said...

I was great to get your check, I mean to meet you. The losing air is all part of the low inflation deal. The mat will ride better trust me! Once you find optimum inflation levels you may want to tie a knot in the bag, I mean mat to keep the inflation just right!

23 Breaths said...
Well I'm back from the store and the next version of mats will be white in color and be in a new model I call "tall kitchen" model. This will be both a big wave and small wave version. As always the mats have the patented "conventional inner/mid chamber" and the whole mat is contructed of .001 mil polyproleane. There will be a slight increase in price as my cost of manufature has risen dramatically!

MR said...
I'll take two!

23 Breaths said...
MR – as soon as your certified check passes thru my labyrinth of Swiss bank accounts and is converted to gold bullion your mat(s) will be in the post!

twinfin said...
Do you take certified monopoly money? I hear it spends the same as cash depending on where you are at..

what other uses would you recommend for this seemingly, too good to be true wonder product?

Will it make my teeth whiter?

23 Breaths said...
twinfin - as long as it is CERTIFIED monopoly money. I had I guy try to buy a mat with phoney monopoly money! The nerve! The mat will indeed make your teeth whiter and make both your FICO and SAT scores go up.

twinfin said...
Thanks for getting mine out so quickly.. Im a bit embarassed to say this but I took it down to the beach this morning and I left it next to the showers for a the time I turned around, a large dirty man resembling Santa Claus had taken it and draped it over his body and run away..what a bummer...he did kida look stylish tho.. Do you think hes on to something?

23 Breaths said...
The new and improved mats are in very high demand! This sort of mat theft should be reported to the authorities! Did you happen to buy the optional replacement insurance with your mat?

Bob said...
My sincere apologies, but I am going to have to cancel my order. Turns out I have an ample supply of your same model mats in my basement. I'll just have to re purpose the existing contents.

On another note, do you know where someone might be able to dispose of 3 cubic yards of hobo pieces?

tres_arboles said...
Screw it, I'm getting my matt at Costco!

David, Seattle

23 Breaths said...
Bob - haven't we talked about this before? Put the hobo down!

3 trees - All the cutting edge surf gear comes from costco! the only draw back being that you have to buy 500,000 at a time...


pranaglider said…
Thanks to everyone who played along with the home game last year!

I still see some of those mats at the beach...
pranaglider said…
That not all!

For a limited time I will include an additional mat and a carton of smokes as part of the deal!

I think the menthol ones help your lungs!

You must act today!
Anonymous said…
Dear PranaG,

I have been using the mat I got from you last year but I seem to have worn a whole in it!

How should I repair it?
pranaglider said…
Anon - Did you keep the tape from the shipping container?

That was the repair kit!

I can send you another one for the low low price of 19.95!

Offer not available in all areas.
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