Happy Earth Day!

Nice earth shot above

Looks like a hurricane in the US gulf coast and there's a good size low in the North Pacific.

I like shots like this because you can see the earth as a whole without the artificial country boundaries we arbitrarily establish and then change.

It's a view somewhat above the normal human concerns.

That storm in the Gulf coast doesn't care that it's going to hit the US.

If conditions were right it might be heading more to the west and into Mexico.

That's just how it is.

No problem.

Of course I mean no problem for the storm, thousands of lives depend on the landfall of the storm.

The point being that it is a big interrelated organizational structure that earthlings can barely grasp. 

But since it's Earth Day, 

take a breath 

and let it out

and try to feel the planet

No luck,

that's ok

Belated Happy Birthday to John Muir.

If you haven't read his work yet then take a stroll on down to the library and pick up a copy of any of his books.  

Good stuff 

Enjoy the day

P.S. Looks like the California Official Matters Interaction Club (COMIC) 
will be having a meeting on Saturday morning 
(hopefully the wind won't be up like it is this morning)
We will be meeting in the Seaside reef parking lot (south of Cardiff reef)
Relocation is an option depending on conditions so email me your cell number and I will try to keep everyone in the loop


Okemah said…
I'm still in! Seaside sounds good! Otherwise, let me know...
borntoloser said…
seaside it is. time?

R4TH said…
this sounds like a great social experiment, hoping there is some COMIC membership tokens left...

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