No surf for you!

Well surf but windy AGAIN which amounts to the same thing

Since the today's forecast calls for fugly I am going to the zoo.

It's great to have a world class zoo so close to home. I would go just for the plant collection.

Beats going to Miseryland any time.

Of course any trip to San Diego usually find us going for a side trip

As always if any of these pop up beside the road, one of the beauties of the mat is that it fits nicely in the car trunk, ready for a impromptu go out

photo ripped off from The GNARSHIRE I think, lots of good stuff there

Here is another site to check out - Flying Longboarder The full gun a couple of posts down is worth the trip.


Yes, that foto came from the Gnarshire. We surfed that spot last weekend. Unfortunately it did not look as good, but still fun. Not sure if I would like to float around on a mat there.... I felt like lure on the simmons...

Thanks for link!

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