Important update

First off the deal is still set to go Saturday morning at Seaside reef
(big parking lot south of Cardiff)

Time wise, the earlier the better as there could be wind issues
(this mornings NWS crystal ball run looks OK though)

I would like everyone that would like to come down to do so and have a blast!

Unfortunately, I may not be there.

My mom had a stroke yesterday morning.

She is doing very well under the circumstances.

I need to be there to take care of "things" and look after my dad.

I would still like to make it

but as I always told my kids when the real answer was no.

We'll see...


Seahugger said…
Wishing your Mom a swift and complete recovery.
Jamie Watson said…
Thinking very positive thoughts for your Mom and family!!
Okemah said…
Positive energy coming your way, Prana. A collective tribal gathering is small stuff compared to the bigger picture. Take care of you and yours first.
clayfin said…
Hope your Mom is feeling better right away.
borntoloser said…
Family first! I'm thinking of you.

The wind was on it by 8:30 this morning (Thursday). I'll update tomorrow morning. It might not be a great day for it if the winds are like today.
pranaglider said…
First off, thanks to my many friends for their positive energy!
It helps tremendously!
Mom is doing great, in the broad spectrum of stroke damage she is on the definately on the good end!
Happy happy joy joy
Surfsister said…
I'm glad to hear your mom's stroke wasn't massive. It's still scary though. I'm sending her good recovery vibes!!

borntoloser said…
wind was on it pretty early this morning. The south isn't really showing in the del mar area. It will be a fun get together but we might not have quite as good surf as last year.
borntoloser said…
I just got an email from Tom.

"Hi Andy;

It would be nice to get some matters together tomorrow. You can pass
along my observations of the conditions.

Yesterday I checked Oceanside at daybreak. It was about 5 ft, but
sectiony and a little windy. Not worth going out on a mat.

I drove down the coast checking a few spots. The waves became smaller
as I went south. Seaside/Tabletop was pretty small and breaking close
to the beach. Slightly windy."

We might want to consider farther north (o'side or one of the points in san o') or south. Sorry to raise the issue so late in the game, but such is the nature of surfing.
pranaglider said…
My Mom got home from the hospital today and is doing very well. I hope you get a break from the wind and score a few good ones.
Ride some for me as it looks like I will be land locked for the next few weeks / months.
borntoloser said…
Prana- we'll al be thinking of you and good news about your mother! See everyone at seaside tomorrow-early!
jhall said…
take care of mom and spend time with her, the waves will always be here...but she won't.
pranaglider said…
thanks guys for all your support. And now since I am totally vicariously dependent on you for stoke, go out and blast it!

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