What are you doing for Earth Day?

I'm a big fan of the earth so it's a major holiday for me.

It seems like each year the “celebration” gets a little smaller and a lot more commercial.

I swear I have seen corporate marketing done for Earth Day on Styrofoam!

While I certainly don't mind going to a celebration of some sort,

I think that it should be to reinforce more of a mind set than a party.

I try to keep the spirit of the thing more low key and personal.

So, what are you going to do?

Spend more time picking up trash, plant a tree, resolve to ride your bike more, tend the garden etc.

Good habits to be sure but there are more important issues facing us and future generations.

Take Styrofoam for example.

Can anyone tell me why we use a material that never decomposes for single use applications?

How about those plastic carry out bags?

Same deal.

Either that stuff ends up in a land fill or it ends up in the ocean.

There is virtually no where else for it to go.

What can YOU do?

Bring your own bags to the store, it's not that hard.

Even if you only do it half the time it helps.

There in a bill in California (AB 1358) to ban Styrofoam containers.

Google the bill and check it out.

If you agree, support it with emails to your representatives.

Tell your friends!

OK, here is today's home assignment

Think about what you consume

Consider, for a moment where these things come from, how they are produced, handled and or manufactured.

Is there a great deal of waste involved in their production?

Are toxic chemicals used as a part of the production process?

Do they need to be transported from far away?

Are they over wrapped?

If it breaks, can it be fixed or do you have to throw it away and buy a new one?

Now ask your self, do I really need it?

How likely will it end up in a land fill in a year?

Does it seem a bit much?

I'll leave you with the following thought to ponder.

“True affluence is not needing anything” - Gary Snyder

PS I posted this early so you would have some time to think about it.


pranaglider said…
Still looks good for the mat meet this weekend! Forecasts do expect some wind so the earlier the better. Jon send me an email so I have your email address.
6ftnperfect said…
careful, if you eco-nuts take it too far, we'll have to make our surfboards out of wood instead of styrofoam! heh heh

My tidelines.com tide calendar doesn't have Earth Day identified - for shame!
6ftnperfect said…
can I attend Mat-festivus with my plank?
pranaglider said…
Clayfin, on the blank front I have already switched to the Ice-9 sugar based blanks! I really wish I would have spent some time talking chemistry to the Ice9 guy at AB3.
You are definitely welcome to the Mat-Festivus (I like it)
Eunice said…
I will not dump my used motor oil down the storm drain on Earth Day.

Thanks for asking!
pranaglider said…
Ah Eunice, so nice of you to stop by for the holidays.
Re the oil, those of us who live down stream thank you
6ftnperfect said…
I kind of like the off-white color of the Biofoam blanks, but I'm not sure where to get them. I used the sugar based Ice-9 on the PatchFish and the Happy Tiki board, it shapes well, is very strong.

Hey wait, I thought you gave up solid surf craft???
pranaglider said…
ClayFin, "Solid surfcraft", body surfing, even boats, it's all part of the experience. I just happen to think that for me, in the conditions I surf in, the mat is the best option a lot of the time. I had a great time on your alaia btw.
Nice post to read. I decided that on the days I don't have an appointment of some sort, I am going to walk to work - I'll start with twice a week. It would only be 6 miles a day, RT.
pranaglider said…
Jamie, Thank you for your comments. I know I am usually in desperate need of an editor so I appreciate you stopping by. Congratulation on your decision to walk more! Good for you and good for the planet! Quick tip - invest in good shoes.

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