I had a lot of trouble with the title this morning

Stoked and Stroked in Sun City?

Stuck inside of Murrieta with the Cardiff blues again?

So I am going with XXXX until something better comes along (it didn't)

Quick Mom update
Mom's doing great but I will be continue chauffeur and house boy duties for awhile

Mat meet report
wind was the word for the weekend apparently
sorry guys next time it should be better

This experience has given me a lot to think about and that will spill over to my posting here but I don't see changing the blog name to (there already is one) any time soon.

I will step up on my soap box and say that a simple blood pressure test is a super easy way to find out a lot about what is going on with your circulatory system. If you combine that with knowing your blood cholesterol levels you have a handle on dealing with strokes and heart disease which I believe are the number one and two causes of death in the US.

Oh and it doesn't really matter how old or young you are. You need to know these things about how your body is functioning.

OK enough soap box for now.

Since I can't occupy my time with real surfing I have been Internet surfing up a storm here in the Inland Empire.

First on the list is Birdman Tribe. A very nice words and original pictures blog. The blog is subtitled "Images of the Chumash Coast" and that describes it better than I can. Definitely a bit of everything here. Go check it out.

Next up is Liz Cockrum Photography great shots with links to more great shots. I am tempted to say that she focuses mainly on girls that surf but that would be too limiting and so I won't. Go check it out, it's very much worth the time to browse thru. The quiver shots are fantastic.

BTW I found Liz Cockrum's site at Maggie Marsek's site Sea Layer. You may have seen her work around (she has gallery's for each of the AB3 events) and you may have even picked up some of her work at the Encinitas Street Fair last weekend.

I am going to finish up to with Alma Pura. What can I say but that I love the simple shape it, glass it, ride it approach to a surf blog. You can almost smell the resin on this one. Nice.

One more thing, Daniel who you all remember for his blog "Wine and Woodsmoke" has moved on to herding surf bloggers. His new project is an international communal effort called Talkin' Story . He has gotten several of my favorites to sign up and start blending content. I am excited to be a reader/follower of this effort.

Daniel has, in a no doubt temporary lapse of good judgement, asked me to contribute as well. I will attempt to sit up straight and write something interesting sometime soon.

PS for some reason I wasn't able to post photos this morning to give you a taste of the links this morning but give the links above a go, you will be glad you did.


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