Mat Meat

OK, so it looks like the weekend on April 25 - 26 is the first choice. We will fall back to the following weekend if it looks flat on the 25 / 26.

As to location, I want to wait to see how the swell forecasts look next week before making the call.

Two possibilities are in the general vicinity of Cardiff or more in the Cottons / Trestles / Church area.

More news on this early next week or drop me a line anytime!


Surfsister said…
I will be there in spirit, nursing my soon-to-be bionic knee back to health. Take pictures!
borntoloser said…
Looking forward to it.
Okemah said…
Can't wait to get wet!
pranaglider said…
South swell on the radar(?) for late next week. Still need to see how long the wind lasts. Could be Sat 4/25.

Verification word is hoping
Tom Threinen said…
I'll be there!
Tom T

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