It looks like next Saturday may be a go for the our next Mat-a-poloosa

(I really really hate the phrase Mat Meet or Mat Meat, I don't know why.)

The weekend updates for surf forecasting are as follows

Wetsand Sunday Forecast - "we are still on track for that southern hemi Thursday, lasting into the weekend. "

WaveWatch - "Our next new S-SSW swell (190-215) will be moving in on the 22nd...building through the day...and then peaking on the 23-24th. This swell looks pretty healthy...not huge, but consistently head high at the better S facing breaks and some overhead+ sets at the standouts as it peaks."

These may change slightly but it does look like we have a moderately sized south swell arriving Wed/Thur

(since they are always late lets go with Thursday)

There looks to be sufficient swell for us to still have some fun on Saturday.

Location, Location, Location (as they say) is still not finalized but since most of the crew is in SD I am leaning that way to minimize the carbon footprint of the event.

Hey it's Earth Day this week so I am just trying to do my share.

As always check back here for the latest but I would clear my calendar for Saturday if you plan on attending.

Email me with thoughts concerns hopes dreams etc.

I would have had a nice picture as part of the post but Kaser's camera is down so I have nothing to steal, ugh I mean borrow


Beetlejuice said…
I don't like the earth

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