/*23 Breaths: June 2011*/

Thursday, June 30, 2011

More Mat Meet Moments

I gave the camera a good shaking and the following dropped out.

Is seems like no matter what I do the images load themselves in exactly the reverse order than what I would prefer. 

As an example, this is one of the last images taken on the road towards home. Heading south along PCH stuck in traffic the sign on the side of the road says "Construction Ahead Expect Delays". Thanks for the heads up. 
I don't Love LA.

The meet was covered by all manner of visual recording device.

A muggle of matters on land. You rarely see the beasts on land. They only beach themselves to eat, take care of business and talk about photo equipment.

The kids had a blast and spent the day exploring the beach.

Watching the magic.

Setting up the video alter.

The rock dance. I hate you.

Mateo gifted me with a couple of his tomato plants!

Someone cutting back! I would like to thank my wife for taking these pictures. She is quite the photographer. She has also cut off more heads than the Tower of London.

JJ showed up along with his wife and daughter.  He made that mat himself. Rides it good too.

Beautiful country. This is what California is supposed to look like. Without all the condos and strip malls and stuff.

The viewing area. My wife prefers full shade on trips to the beach.  I tend to treat my skin like I BBQ. That is I ignore the whole thing until I smell something burning.

Dirk and Jonathan.  

From the shadows I'd say mid day in the viewing area.


The locals were very friendly but not very talkative.

So that's it for me. I'm tapped out on pixels. 

Which means we need another mat meet!

I'm thinking about the south side of Huntington Pier after they do the black ball thing and send the hard board surfers to the north side.

Who's in?

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Just wanted to say Thanks again

First to arrive and the last to leave - Maria, Ken, Mary and Dirk

The pictures and video turned out fantastic!  I think I speak for everyone in thanking you all for your efforts arraigning the meet and then spending no small amount of time documenting and editing the raw footage.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

23rd Annual Mat Meet and Love-In

We all had a great time at the mat meet
but still
things can always be improved on

We changed the location from a left semi point break to a right semi point break
We relocated from southern Orange county to northern Los Angeles county

Some people missed the lefts and had to improvise.  
Photo by Mrs. Prana

Next up I think we can take a page from the book of contests
and punch things up a bit.
The page I have in mind
doesn't call for surfing
the largest wave
the longest wave ,
although there is nothing wrong with that.

Heaven help anyone that suggests a format
that results in the
three turns to the beach
cluster judging format

The page in the book I'm thinking about comes
from the greatest surf contest ever...
The Stone Steps Invitational!

Here have a look

We can get away from the water bottles, that one is easy
Cell phones, well no cell phones that's just crazy
No Tattoos,  I'm afraid that ship has sailed
(I'm sketching out my new Sun Gold cherry tomato tattoo as we speak)

The rest is easy

BTW more footage of the meet is over at Surfmatters

Monday, June 27, 2011

So much fun!

The God's smiled on the matters and blessed us with abundant sunshine, building swell and a draining tide.

Photo by my sweetie

Blow this one up and see how many matters you can count, that got to be a record!

Thanks to SurfSister for making the call and everyone who attended for bringing their stoke plus some to share.

More pics and movies up at Surfmatters with more to follow at the usual places

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Cisco Kid

Oh Cisco, Oh Pancho

Adios Amigos!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

In the mood

Just to get you there in the remote chance you aren't already

A re-edit and melodic enhancement of footage from Fantasea by Ramsnake

nicely done!

Friday, June 24, 2011

An arm full of towels

Graham at the last meet. Photo by Ken Samuels or maybe Dirk could be Jason too

I have been trying to come up with a name for a bunch of mats

and the gathering there of for a while

with little to no success

The mat meet will have to do (I've even tried spelling it Mat Meat for a lest a bit of levity but it still doesn't work for me)

Whatever you call it, there will be one this Sunday.  Everything you want to know is here at Surfmatters.

The idea is to have multiple gathers though out the year

They are always fun so stop by if you can.

Enjoy the day

Thursday, June 23, 2011

I love surf shops

Growing up in Huntington Beach, it was always a short trip to fiberglass heaven.

Each shop had it own vibe, it's own shaper(s) cranking out its own take on the trends of the day and how they might best be exploited and the local surf spot.

In Huntington, it was all of that and more cranked up to 11 on a Saturday night. All Summer Long.  HB benefited from a seemingly direct connection to Hawaiian surf influences, a decent break right out in front, a crew of hot locals, a continuous supply of bikini clad visitors and enough nefarious characters to keep things interesting.

Just being a wee lad and being on the honor roll and all, I myself didn't directly become involved in any questionable activities but like everywhere else, people do things, say things, take things and give things and then everyone talks about it for as long as it takes for some else to come up with something that tops it. I used to leave the party early, still bright eyed and bushy tailed so I could surf early the next morning. Consequently every conversation I had in high school started with " You won't believe what happened at the party after you left!" .

The shops were the center of all this activity right along with their other duties of selling wax to the locals and harassing the tourists.

Although I am well out of the loop these days I still can't resist walking thru the door nodding to the crew and checking out the boards.

Some things never change.

That said another in the grand tradition of surf movies out back on a hot summer night is taking place at Long Beach local surf shop Shelter Surf Shop this Saturday night.

Up in the Newport Mesa area is the second anniversary party for the local Almond Surfboards shop

A testament to both of these shops that even in a down economy they have been able to thrive.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

So close

When we last left our story the hero was being rescued by his horse Wilbur

when all of a sudden...

Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen, and all the ships at sea
We interrupt the program in progress to bring this very important message.
A strange image has been sighted floating above the city!

Well not floating exactly it's like a variably inflated bag of air moving at incredible speed over water!

Additional information is available here

We will interrupt our current programming when we have any additional information
or when the program is just getting good but definitely not during the commercials!
never during the commercials.
There was a guy who interrupted during the commercials and we never heard from him again I tell you ...

 We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Ladies and Gentlemen

and Children of the Sun!

the 2011 Summer Solstice is upon us!

So if you are looking for your summer clothes in the back of the drawer

or digging out your favorite sweater, also in the back of the drawer,

how do they do that?

I bind you good tidings!

As it turns out the earth does circle the sun

and not the other way around as you may have been led to believe!1!

So take a moment to do,

to do whatever you would like to do

but do it with your full attention.

In six months it will almost be Christmas.

In other news, rumors of a mat meet in the LA area are filling the coconut wireless (and my email in box)

As soon as there's swell (and if you look out the back things are definitely stirring) we will meet for what looks like one of several mat meets in SoCal this summer.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Mut Mut Monday

First thing I would like to do is personally thank whomever came up with the idea of roasting coffee beans then grinding them up and brewing them to produce that wonderful drink that helps me start the day.

Without it, this post, this blog, my life in general
and all of humanity would suffer greatly.

Yesterday or maybe today is/was International Surfing Day

I had not informed and could do no surfing,
either Internationally or Domestically,
but if you check out the link you can see what all the hubbub is about.

Yesterday was definitely fathers day in the US.
A "Hallmark Holiday" so I am not sure if it is celebrated elsewhere.

We celebrated with a bit of magic

Where this

Gets turned into this

Which with a few magic words and some mushrooms turns into this

The crowd goes wild and
eats the entirety of the magic pizza

To help the magic along I called upon various members of the occult to assist me with the proper pre pizza rituals

An uncanny resemblance to the Bob Dylan the Elder don't you think?

Right now this is the "Lucky Mustache" and will stay in all it's Brown-Number-25-edness glory until such time as it is not. 

In garden news the pumpkins are right on time for the annual Fouth of July Pumpkin Carving contest.  Everyone can take a deep breath and stop worrying about that!

In actual surf news Tropical Storm Beatriz is brewing off of Mexico.

You never really know how much swell is going to make it around the corner until you are standing on the beach at 15th Street with you board under you arm. It is nice to see so much activity this early in the year though.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Bumper Stickers

Over at Surfmatters yesterday the subject of bumper stickers arose from a post.

I was amazed that there weren't any surfmat bumper stickers

I am obviously easily amazed and wrong as it turns out

There are bumper stickers available over at the UK Mat Surfers site
(I know where I'm doing my Christmas Shopping!)

So this is going to be one of those "playing the home game" posts where I try to get you to come up with a good surfmat bumper sticker.

Feel free to blatantly rip off any existing themes

"My Honor Student Rides a SurfMat!"

"Give me Variable Inflation or give me Death" - I'm sure Patrick Henry would have ridden a mat

"One Score and Three Breaths ago" - a little obscure

You think you can do better?

Show me in the comments section!

Have fun and have a nice weekend

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Late Night and Early Morning Low Clouds again

and again, and again and again

for this neck of the woods, June means

fog and sprinkles

no not that kind of sprinkles

The it's-not-raining-but-I-have-my-wipers-on-all-the-way-to-work-anyway kind of sprinkles

Technically this could be called rain but that would be insulting to the real rain so I just call it sprinkles.

By noon it's hot and sunny until you get within a couple of miles from the beach,

Original Photo by Jason Hall "Photoshopped" with Gimp if that's possible

where it is still foggy with a side order of wind

But never fear the summer Solstice is next week!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A 10 percent chance

There is this little window, say
between 6am an 6:15 where the blog muse either comes
or not
I am usually kind of busy doing the dishes, some laundry,
trying to fix my back up enough for another day of sitting
and you know
life stuff

The blog either writes itself
or it

Today's offering is the latter


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Oh really? Do I now

In my email this morning was a piece of business spam demanding that I have a mobile strategy.  First thing I thought of was,  "well you know I walk everyday at lunch and stuff". As the morning fog cleared I realized they meant a mobile phone strategy which is of course ludicrous here at 23B. (Someone does check the blog by iPad on a regular basic, and I'm dying to know, how's it look?) But hey, junk mail is important stuff and there must be a grain of truth in it somewhere.

Besides it gives me a chance to run this

A very cleaver commercial, simple in concept really, a tad tedious to set up and film but a beautiful spell-binder (I know it's a commercial but for what?) The music is Bach's Cantata 147, "Jesus, Joy of Man's Desiring."

BTW I searched for the phone (it's a really good commercial) and it's more a prototype thing as far as I can figure.  The phone is housed in recovered cypress and as many as 15000 units may be sold.

Now back to my back to my normal mobile strategy which is to move down the beach because the peaks look less crowded down there.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Eddy are you kidding?

Over the weekend, and off and on for weeks really, we had what is known as a "Coastal Eddy"

If you are unfamiliar, a coastal eddy is,

"When the wind is blowing mainly parallel or along the coast line,  the frictional drag of the wind over the land is more than that over the water and can cause a curl or twist to develop along the coast in the wind field, this curl or coastal eddy (term comes from fluid dynamics) will cause an increase in lift within the atmospheric eddy due the the curl of the wind (for the mathematicians, the curl of the vector or Del dot V with V being a vector). This is known as vorticity which is a lifting mechanism and can be responsible for the triggering of thunderstorms."

When I looked out the window either morning over the weekend it looked like it had rained and was going to rain some more. The eddy in addition to blowing out any surf spot without side wind blockage also pushes a lot of the damp marine layer onto the land.

Oh goody

So with the rest of life's little problems, I have come to address it by playing some music.

In my youth I fell in with a bad crowd.

They surfed

They listened to Frank Zappa

We were melodically enhanced!

Nuff said.

The song immortalized Eddy of Zachary All, a discount suit store located in LA who did his own TV commercials which were burned into the consciousness of anyone foolish to watch late night TV.

Oh and now that I am back at work the weather is due to improve.

High pressure is building and temperatures are rising.

I'll sit at my desk, arraigning ones and zeros, softly singing,

"Eddy are you kidding? I'm coming over shortly, because I am a portly, because you said you could fit me into a fifty dollar suit!"

Ingratiating in El Serracho's video because,

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Turtle Back

An interesting batch of photos from Mark Thomson in the mail today

Gives a whole new meaning to a "double up" tube!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Late Night and Early Morning Low Clounds

followed by abundant sunshine in the afternoons

We are heading into the Spring and Summer weather pattern here at SoCal

What that means exactly

I have no idea.

The weather has been and continues to be


But the garden is looking good so lets late a walk out back and have a look around and see how thing are coming

Pumpkin seeds seem to go thru the composer unfazed so we always have a ton of flowers and fruit.

Nothing more reliable than the apple tree. It looks like a good crop. Can Apple pie be far behind?

I always plant giant Sunflowers. The flowers are amazing and the local squirrels and birds get to enjoy the seeds.

The avocado is starting to get into full swing

This the same mess of Swiss Chard we have been eating from for last year. Still going and still delicious 

I planted two basil plants this because it went so well with the pizza last year. Smells really nice too.

Soon I will have too many tomatoes. :) No shots of ripe ones, as soon as they are discovered they are eaten on the spot. 

At about one o'clock on the stepping stone is a "volunteer" water melon. It's a small variety call moon and stars due to the large and small yellow spots on the skin.

The pumpkins are growing up at the base of the tomatoes. I'm hoping they cut down on the weeds. Pretty either way though. 

It looks like we'll have a bunch of the night blooming cereus flowers again this year 

Planted another nectarine after the last one refused to bare fruit. Still too early to tell but this looks promising.

So that's the walk around, stop back in a week or so and you can have some tomatoes off the bush!