The word for today is Tomatoes!

Chanced upon the SunGold cherry tomato last year and we liked it so much we planted three bushes this year.

The pots hold the blueberries still so the birds can have a good go at them. I do my best bear imitation but the mocking bird is gets more than I do.

Honey suckle, the orange tree and a nasturtium carpet

Swiss chard going to seed, back left, oh that's why they call them mustard greens, bolting back left.
SunGold cherry tomatoes just clearing the cage in front. The first tomatoes look like green peas at present.


MF said…
Really nice. I am looking forward to growing some beef heart tomatoes, which are the best I have ever eaten and you can't buy them here, and some other strange coloured stuff. The varieties seem endless when I go through the Digger's catalogue.
Matt23 said…
Just checked my sungolds this morning and three more have germinated. A lovely variety. MF try marmande.
MF said…
OK :) But I'll have to wait cos we are just going into winter.

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