Happy Graduation

Two new graduates in the house this morning.

As they have said in commencement speeches through out history.

Not the end of anything just the beginning

Just a token of all the hard work you have done so far

Now go out and get a job.

In the meantime, your rooms are still there and dinner is at the usual time.

Breath deep, have fun, don't worry


Ramsnake said…
Ok. 2 people graduated! But who & in what?
Your kids Prana? If so, congratulations to them!

Ramsnake said…
Prana has children? I thought all he did was garden, do yoga, cook, ride surf mats, work and spend the rest of the time on his computer? How did he get time to produce kids too?
pranaglider said…
Two of my kids, the oldest and the youngest.

Sadly both write better than I do.

Ramsnake, there was a time before the internet...

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