daily yoga - my other mat

Getting back to a daily yoga practice has been great,

My yoga mat, I call this one "bluey", I don't know why

I am up to the point where I can be good corporate drone that can sit for 8 hours and still be pain free! (more or less)


I am finding miscellaneous aches and pains that I didn't even know I had but I am working thru those and should be in good shape for the summer.

I use a yoga DVD that offers several different classes. Each class has a different emphasis and length of practice. (so when I am pressed for time in the morning, like today, I can still get some yoga in)

It is never too late to start a new practice!

So I am trying to eat well, get out of the car and walk some, and just try to enjoy the season.

Close up of the super secret spoon at the end of my mat.  Keeps me from sliding off during sudden Savasana!

A magic towel indeed!

(hmmm, I wonder if that's what Greenough meant?)


Unfortunately I have a hot pink one of these. Definitely NOT my colour (I only wear black) Ramsnake bought it for me - his idea of a joke I suspect :/ Although he swears there were no other colours available at the time.
pranaglider said…
MF, Hot Pink?! Thats rough! My suggestion is to wear it out and get another one. Although re-purposing it works too. Better yet, go to the local yoga studio, they usually have a pinup board and offer to trade it to someone who loves pink. Donate it to a local shelter. Still better give it back to Ramsnake. Ha! Then get one you really like. You should love your yoga mat.
I too use Yoga DVD's easy to get a Yoga session on before work that way! =)I have a few and each one has more than one "class" so a variety is had. ONE of my Favorites it Yoga for Surfers!!!
Ever since I started doing yoga, I’ve felt stronger and healthier. My breathing has also improved, which I am thankful for since I have asthma. It helped me participate in my favorite sports of track and field and volleyball! Hey, MF, a hot pink yoga mat isn't that bad..LOL!

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