23 Bites

Time to make dinner! Its been a little windy today so spaghetti was the call

Every good meal starts with a murder so I started by chopping up some mushrooms 

while the real murder, the turkey sausage browned it a skillet.  I am getting too old to continue to eat meat but my little animal friends taste so good! (especially bar-be-qued)

Sausage browned and the fungus is thrown in

You gonna have bread with that? Of course!  A baguette sliced and artfully daubed with butter and garlic. If I am going whole hog (so to speak) I'll grate some Parmesan cheese on the top.    * Just a note the holes in the bread reminds me of the story of "a bakers dozen"

Pasta on the boil!
The sauce came from a glass jar but I am hoping for a bumper crop of tomatoes so I can make my own.

Parmesan cheese from Australia, great stuff thanks! Got to have a micro plane grater! The old one goes to the shaping room to shave the fish tail on your blank.

We have had this colander for 25 + years! The holes still work!

Done! Cheese, bread and a glass of red wine.


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