The Official start of Summer

A couple of things,

Summer officially starts June 21 or whenever the Summer Solstice is in your neck of the woods.

 This "Official Start of Summer" is just more marketing nonsense designed to sell more beer, gas, and swim suits. (listed in in order of importance)

 That said, it looks like a nice weekend in the general vicinity of the 23 Breaths bungalow and the surf forecast calls for some swell. My family will be celebrating two graduations and I'll be taking a few days off.

(I'm not a huge Beach Boys fan, there are a few good songs however and they simply reek of the Southern California Beach sound or at least define it for some people.  This piece is however just amazing, there are longer pieces on YouTube but they block embedding.  If you like it have a look there for the long version)

So if Belushi and Aykroyd come to drag you out of bed for a surf,

do what Brian does,

go with the flow

Sometime later in the day...

Mel Thoman posted this today on FB.

A Beach Boys tune I like.  It goes nice with today's "summer like" conditions


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