/*23 Breaths: Last night's dreamscape...*/

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Last night's dreamscape...

First there was an alien invasion

then someone was singing Georgey Girl

Which I will be singing for the rest of the day thank-you-very-much (and what's with those flowers?)

Why can't I dream of a fun day at Sandy's Beach on Oahu, where I reunited with my missing fin "Southy"?

Just sayin'

More of the Last Waltz just because

The Staples helping out on The Weight


Piskian said...

Are you certain that those are tomatoes that you're growing?I know the leaves are similar...

pranaglider said...

Piskian, Very astute observation! Both tomatoes and tobacco are members of the nightshade family! I'm sure that's what you meant.

Piskian said...

Of course!For real mind melting nights,try gjetost,Norwegian fudgy goats cheese.Blimey!