More Malibu

Lots of hits on the Sunday's Malibu clip so I'm declaring it Mickey Dora Monday!

Here are some more clips

Malibu looking a little more normal. By that I mean knee high and peel off forever. Average commentary, decent sound track and unnecessarily speeded up Micky Dora.

More Dora from SURFERS the Movie 

Nobody rants like Dora

On a personal note I have surfed Malibu a few times and there is no doubt it's a magical place.  Taking into consideration the houses, the crowding and the beach scene that it still has any soul at all is very impressive.   I can only imaging what it would be like back in the pre Gidget days.


Dirty Hippy said…
yes what a magical thing it would have been to surf the 'spot" in the day....If I surfed there now I undoubtedly would have tourettes
pranaglider said…
DH, Sadly tourettes at Malibu wouldn't even raise an eyebrow
Val said…
That clip is from Surfers The Movie. Anyone know where I can get a used copy? (VHS is fine.) I loaned mine out and i don't think I'm gonna get it back...

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