Water Polo Anyone?

So it been a busy week (and it's only Tuesday)

Thanks for everyone playing along with my more recent posts.

Today I have something extra special for you

First the Forth online issue of Body Surf Austrialia is available here

*Thanks to Jamie for posting the link on FB this morning

I really like body surfing shots.

You don't see that many because you can't sell them

Poor product placement

But every surf photographer has a bunch of good ones

If you ever want to send me an email and want it to be the one I open first

put  "Insane Mat Wave" as the title

Tom did and I opened it straight off

Grant "Twiggy" Baker and Sean Payne Surfing Namibia from Silver Bullet Productions on Vimeo.

Warning this clip has a bit of a preamble I think they hit the water around the 4 minute mark but it is worth it.

Thanks Tom!


Jamie said…
hey bruce. i had rather mindblowing handplane levitation session yesterday. multiple tubes on single waves. thought i'd share the whomp experience. issue #4 of RH's Bodysurf has been out a long while, maybe a year or more, and I don't know if a #5 is happening or not. would be stoked to see a new issue sometime in the future. hope you're finding some sliding time between your working hours. i should probably be looking for work instead of swimming in 40degree water.
pranaglider said…
Love it! Mind surfing your wave. Thanks

Body Surf is on of my favorite sites but I have like 5000 links so I don't check back often enough. Some of the shots did look familiar. Hopefully this link will turn on someone who hadn't seen it yet. Great site.

Good luck with the job hunt
Matt23 said…
Thanks for the bodysurf link Prana. Spent ages on there last night. More tonight...Cheers

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