Blade Runner prequel sequel?

In other news Alcon entertainment has brought the rights to make a movie based on the characters and settings of Blade Runner, the 1982 sci fi classic about a replicant-killing cop who falls for a fembot.

The new story line revolves around a mat rider with bio mods which include tiger blood and Adonis DNA

Charlie Sheen was slated to play the lead role since has had the bio mods previously but Mr. Sheen's people say he is slated to begin work on his new self produced show "Winning".

Hollywood insiders now say that Ken Dog is rumored to be the current front runner to reprise the role of Rick Deckard.

KenDog here seen between scenes in a publicity still from his latest block buster "Mat Men from Mars"

Repeated attempts to contact KenDog's production company, Bone Yard Productions Unlimited for confirmation of these rumors failed.

However just before post time this photo arrived but without any further explanation.

It seems to indicate that Ken was available for the project but that his management firm of BagJuan and Pete would require either two percent of the gross (each), two gazillion dollars up front or perhaps world peace. 

UPDATE! - News has reached us here at 23B that Ramsnake has signed on to play the part of  Roy Batty.
Batty was played by Rutger Hauer in the original film. Rumors that Ramsnake will also provide a score for the film are unconfirmed at this point in time.

There maybe some breaking news regarding KenDog's contract soon, so keep your radio tuned to 23B on your FM dial!

No that's not right... 

but we will post updates as they become available.


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