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Thursday, March 3, 2011

A great day today!

Why you may ask is today a great day?

It's true that there are may criteria for greatness

and it varies from day to day, place to place and person to person.

But there are several reasons that today is a great day.

First there is another of my pieces over on The Inertia  this morning.

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Ok Thanks a lot for that I really do appreciate it and The Inertia is really an interesting site with lots of good stories etc and I check it daily for updates.

Second off in today's ranking as a Great Day is over on SurfMatters

Really funny piece on the whole Charlie Sheen thing.

It reminds me of the old Robin Williams joke about  "Cocaine being God's way of telling you that you make too much money".

You give anyone a million five for doing an eighteen minute show every week what do you expect?

Sad really but kind of like the train wreak that you can't look away from.

But really, "Adonis DNA" and "Tiger Blood" you just can't make that stuff up!

But I do hope he gets help.  Good actor with a great delivery of dry comedy.

But the real reason that it's a great day is...

drum roll please

Ya know how you wake up some days and think wow it's a Saturday and you kind of lay there in your warm blankets relishing in that special deep post sleep glow when suddenly your spouse screams "OMG it's 5:30 we're gonna be late! and you suddenly come to grips with the reality that it's really Tuesday and you are gonna be late, the freeway is gonna be packed, you have a meeting this morning that you haven't prepared for so that sucks and since you are running late you won't be able to stop and get a decent cup of coffee and will have to drink that nasty stuff at work that sits and bakes in the metal pot until it in no way resembles the beautiful brown drink of the gods that coffee should be and you lay there and you haven't even gotten out of bed yet and the whole day, nay your whole life is already completely ruined?

Well me too.

But today, dear friends today I thought it was Wednesday when I got up.

Now nothing really wrong with a Wednesday. Wednesday is hump day and there is nothing bad about that. Without Wednesday, Tuesday would slam right into Thursday and we can't have that. And you know your boss would make you work Saturday to make up for it. So Wednesday is OK by me.

But as it turns out it's not Wednesday it's really Thursday! Now Thursday my friends is the day we wake up and the work week tide has turned! It's the day we gird our loins (does that really mean what it sounds like?) and draw our swords and change into the rest of the week knowing that we have made it this far we will probably survive until the weekend. Not as good as Friday mind you. But Friday is in a class by itself. Friday is the gateway to the weekend with all the greatness that maybe contained there in! So Thursday doesn't quite compare.

But it is Thursday and that beats the heck out of Wednesday any day of the week.

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This piece dedicated to all the weekend warriors who labor all week in cube farms everywhere only to find the surf flat and or blown out on the weekends.

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Steve and Cher Pendo said...

Prana, we enjoyed your refreshing article on Inertia. Thanks for your post on 23 today, too.