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Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I haven't shared links with you all lately so today is the day!

First up is the new blog from Andrea, Dirty Hippy.

Dirty Hippy is photos, art and her musings about the surf culture, fashion, design and eco consciousness.

Another fine blog from San Diego! They must put something in the water...

Next up is not necessarily a surf blog but once again the shared perspective of someone who surfs.

Lloyd Kahn is the editor of Shelter publications and former Shelter editor for the Whole Earth Catalog.

These days Mr. Kahn is still developing new books and is working on his latest "Tiny Homes".

His blog content varies but at least once a week you get the latest surf and swell report from local coast.

Always something interesting as Lloyd shares the treasures he finds along the way.

Lastly, if you haven't been checking the Daily Bread lately, now is the time to jump back in the groove.

Jason wanderings have led him, not to some South American secret point but to the beautiful shores of Maui.

I'm sure while raising the average FICO score of everyone at the "Sly Mongoose" he will find time to post some great new photos of the Valley Isle.

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misterdirk said...

I met Lloyd Kahn briefly at SolFest in Ukiah a few months ago. I got myself fresh copies of "Builders of the Pacific Coast" and "Homework" (having already owned "Shelter" and "Stretching" for many years). I really admire the DIY quality in all those dwellings, and in Kahn's little publishing enterprise. Somewhat paradoxically, though, my own desires run more towards the stark clinical aesthetic of the mid-century moderns. Can't say I fully understand that one, but there it is.