/*23 Breaths: Spring ahead?*/

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Spring ahead?

Dear Sir or Madam,

Twice a year I send you a note stating my displease at the way in which you arbitrarily manipulate my time references.

Every time (and I use the phrase loosely) you choice to ignore my pleas and continue to move the hour.

Please decide on something and stick with it!



mrmike said...

you can't change time you can only change your clock. JUST LEAVE IT ALONE!!!!!!

Ramsnake said...

Daylight saving sucks!

Val said...

Oh, I beg to differ. I LOVE Daylight Saving Time! It gives us enough time to surf the evening glass-offs before dark! Such a great time to surf - the beautiful sunset, and more relaxing than looking at your watch constantly during the occasional before-work dawn patrol (when the tide's not too high.)

The year I was a senior in high school ('73-'74), during the OPEC oil embargo, we had daylight saving time all year. It was awesome! We could make it to Malibu after school even tho we lived in Burbank. If they ever DID decide to just leave the clocks alone, they should leave them set on DST!

pranaglider said...

Val, I'm all about the long days of summer, but the days get longer on their own. It's the changing of the clock that gets me.

Val said...

Well, I'm glad that the lengthening of the days gets a little man-made help...