gardenus interruptus

Last year

My back has been doing a two steps forward and one step back tango lately

I never really know how the day will go until I wake up to find out.

Sunday was a great day! Warm day nice weather sunny sky.

The back decided it was going to be a bed rest or walking day no sitting allowed.

Off to the local nursery where we found some of our favorite cherry tomatoes

(I may get a sun gold tomato tattoo)

Loaded those up with some herbs, two blueberry bushes and three bags of planting mix.

Took it all home where its sits,

waiting for the garden plot to get turned over and amended with the compost bin.

I hope this includes me


Mateo said…
The SunGold tatoo would be rad, But id probably go with the Green Zebra..

I think blueberrys require especially acidic potting soil... lost a pair the last year ...

ive seen bags labeled for blueberrys at OC farm supply in Orange..
pranaglider said…
Mateo, I have never gotten into the green tomatoes despite all the great things I hear. How can you tell a green tomato is ripe? Sadly, I need my fruit to be color coded!
Mateo said…
They soften as they get ripe.... They taste great but have the highest acid content...

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